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NPA.tv: People's university Olivier Besanvenot talk

Olivier Besancenot avec des étudiants étatsuniens à New York en plein mouvement des indignés.


Session 10: Saturday, 11/19
From New York to Paris, the Struggle Against Neoliberalism, with

Olivier Besancenot

Olivier Besancenot is one of the founding spokespersons of the French NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party). He has been one of France's most popular politicians. In 2002 at 28 he was the youngest presidential candidate in France's history. He is the author of Tout est à nous (2002), Révolution (100 mots pour changer le monde, 2003), and Che Guevara: His Revolutionary Legacy (2009) with Michael Löwy.

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